The Motivation To Excel

A Teaching Career

Sitting in a classroom, learning a boring subject, students might wonder why their teacher is there. The hours are long, the work of teaching is sometimes difficult, and there is little reward. It is often surprising that some of the most dedicated people in any society are teachers, and they generally choose it because they love what they do.

A teaching career can be a very rewarding experience when their students suddenly understand the subject. They get to pass on knowledge that may be critical to the future of their charges, and many of them choose it because they love the subject they teach.

Arts or science

The academic world seems to be split into two very separate categories. Arts encompass literature, art, and any other subject that does not require hard science or mathematics. Sciences are generally anything that fits into that category, and it also includes mathematics.

It would seem that these two areas of learning should be separated, yet they are connected by the principle that they both confer knowledge to be taught to students. Each of them may have their own disciplines that must be pursued, but the connection is the ability to help students learn to progress within each of the classes.

A love of mathematics

One of the more difficult teaching positions at almost any level of schooling is mathematics. The concepts are often difficult for students to understand, and they are discouraged from counting on their fingers. It can often be a trial for the educator to get them past even the simplest of operations, and yet a love of mathematics is the reason many career professionals choose this subject.

They may want to share their joy and enthusiasm, or they might feel it is necessary for students to be able to handle the real world after graduation.

Arts and literature

It would seem that learning mathematics and the sciences is much more complex than arts and literature, but that is not necessarily true. Students at all levels have found much of what they are taught is difficult to digest. Their teacher may be ebullient about the beauty of a poem and its meaning, yet those being forced by parents to learn see nothing more than words on a page.

Teaching young students to appreciate art or literature is a long road, and teachers in these fields often wait for those few who will carry on with the same love and appreciate they have felt for it.

There are really no easy classes when it comes to teaching. Each subject will have students balking at learning, yet there will be those few eager for the information. No teacher is guaranteed to have perfect or brilliant students able to follow in their footsteps, but that is part of what they seek as they stand before their class.

Imparting information is only part of their job. They are also hoping to find those in the next generation that will continue their work of educating students all across the world because they have discovered their own joy of learning.